Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of events has Matt done?

Church Services
Mens Retreats
Couple’s Retreats
Father/Son Retreats
Sweetheart Banquets
Outreach Events
Worship Seminars

What is Matt’s music style?

Matt’s style is more of a singer/songwriter style.  He performs his music mainly live, using mainly a piano and guitar, while occasionally using sound tracks when appropriate.

What is a Matt Hoffland concert like?

Matt does enjoy entertaining, however, his goal, in the end, is ministry to the heart.  He views the music, speaking, drama as tools to bring draw closer to God.  Matt believes that truth is to be experienced objectively and subjectively.  He has a passion to share God’s truth with a fresh perspective so that it might impact people where they not only think about it but feel it as well. 

What is the length of a program/ concert?

Whatever length is desired but an average length would be around an hour to an hour and 30 minutes.

What is a Worship seminar like?

Throughout the last 5-10 years there have been global cultural shifts that have forced the church at large to wrestle with some major tensions.  One of many of these tensions has been in the area of music style and approach in a worship setting.  Matt has enjoyed meeting with worship teams to not only discuss these tensions but, more importantly, to go deeper and talk about what worship is and where the power should come from in leading worship.  By using the lessons and principles God has taught him in the 20 years of experience he enjoys encouraging other worship leaders while also challenging them to allow God to dig into their own personal hearts.  Matt believes that by addressing false idols and putting God at as the focus, it is possible to keep the church moving forward without leaving the past behind.

What is a Drama seminar like?

Matt has a BS in Theatre/Communications with a minor in Music.  He has written 7 plays/musicals and has directed and acted in Forest Springs’ annual Christmas Dinner Theatre for the last 7 years.  Matt understands how the power of drama can bring a palatable relevance to God’s truth by depicting real-life situations.  He would love the privilege of sitting down with your drama leaders/team and talk about philosophy, vision and purpose along with helping your team advance and hone their abilities in order to make their presentations more effective and powerful. 

Will Matt just come and lead worship and not do a concert?

Yes!  Many times a church has called Matt to just come for a Sunday morning and lead the singing along with a special number or 2.

Could Matt take a whole church service?

Yes!  Many Pastors have felt comfortable with allowing Matt to take the entire church service.  He is geared to teaching God’s Word utilizing the tools that he has.  He wants the people to leave having worshipped God while also being fed by His Word.

If we have a retreat/ conference, can Matt do the music and the speaking?

Again, yes!  There have been numerous times that Matt has done both the speaking and music for a retreat.  This tends to be a money saver for those who plan for these events.

Speaking of money, what does Matt charge?

Matt will work with you!  The income he receives from his travels helps to fund his ministry.  However, he also understands the economic tensions that we live with today and that sometimes ministry happens through faith.  His desire is to minister and stay busy while also trusting God and working within your budget. 
Give him a call! :(715-965-0255) or email him ( )

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Matt Hoffland


“At one point he had us laughing, painting pictures of different stages of life, and the next moment he took us into the very presence of God.”

Harry Shields
Calvary Bible Church, Neenah, WI

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