Happy New Year!

Where has he been?  Why isn’t he blogging?
For the 2 of you out there that have been asking that, I haven’t gone anywhere and ...I guess I’m not a huge blogger.  I realized this when I noticed my last post was in 2009 and of the 300 comments, 98% of them were ads for random drugs. (the spammers obviously think I need to be medicated)  But, never-the-less, keeping the Blog alive and my website updated are both on my New Year’s resolution list.  Along with that are the goals of reading through the Bible in a year, producing another recording project, getting the next Dinner Theatre script finished before summer, raising more financial support for the Hoffland family,  and doing more one-on-one stuff with my children including fishing with my son.

Looking back,  2012 was a somewhat challenging year for me in ways that I won’t go into here.  Overall, however, I believe God had many lessons to teach me within it. 

On more of an objective note, here were some of the accomplishments of 2012.

- Produced Diane Windle’s song “Got Water?“ for our Summer Family Camp curriculum. 

- Wrote, directed and presented the Christmas Dinner Theatre production of “It Came Upon a Midnight Fear.“

- Recorded, scored and produced a Demo of a series of stories for a possible Dave Koblish radio spot.

- Led worship and performed for 20 CFS events and 14 off site events.

As far as 2013 goes,

I am now booking events!

  If you are interested in utilizing my ministry at your church, home, para-church ministry, street corner, let me know! 

I have a number of openings between January and May!

  Email me! 

We are always thankful for those who pray for us.  If you are interested in what’s happening, maybe let me know in some way that you read this Blog (comments, email, etc…) and I may be apt to update it more frequently than every 3 years.  smile 

May God bless you all richly with His presence in 2013!


Matt Hoffland


“I believe that Matt loves the Lord with his whole heart and want to share that love with others so they can love others more as well. His commitment to this kind of ministry is rich, deep and appreciated. People want him to come back.”

Jim Jensen
Missionary Alliance Church, Chilton, WI

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